Surgery Second Opinions

It’s important that you feel as prepared as possible and confident in your decision to go through with surgery. Our foot and ankle specialists are here to provide a free second opinion on a surgery recommendation that you’ve received. All you need to do is bring the x-rays that you had taken by the first physician. We’ll review them and give you our best recommendation.

We often see patients for second opinions for both first time surgeries or for surgeries that need to be repeated.

First time foot or ankle surgery 

Sometimes surgery is recommended for a foot or ankle condition that could be fixed in another way before using surgery. Many patients with chronic foot pain conditions are responding well to new regenerative medicine procedures that speed up the body's own natural process to regenerate and heal damage to  joints, bone, skin, tendon or ligaments.  This same treatment could work for you.

If you’ve exhausted all of the above options and you’re ready for surgery, we’ll give you guidance on whether the procedure you’re considering would also be our best recommendation. 
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Repeat surgery on foot or ankle

Many times we see patients who have already had a surgery on their foot or ankle and it hasn’t worked. Before undergoing surgery again, be sure you get a second opinion to hopefully avoid future surgeries.

Past surgery has revealed other foot and ankle problems - Sometimes when a surgery is performed on one area, it creates a problem or exacerbates another problem in the foot or ankle. If you’ve found this to be the case please schedule an appointment at one of our Conroe clinic locations. We’ll look at your x-rays to see if we can tell you why you’re experiencing new problems and what can be done. 

Spend time talking with our surgical foot and ankle specialists who can tell you from experience what you can expect and help you choose the right treatment. 

Remember... You must bring current (less than 6 months old) x-rays with you to receive a free surgical second opinion.  Onsite x-rays are available but are not free of charge.

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